Sunday, December 25, 2011

Unique Opal Jewelry


Welcome to my blog post unique opal jewelry!
We recently created a Squidoo Lense and we wanted to share it with you!
So, we have provided you with a piece of the article.
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Also you may just like this video we have displayed a wide range of Black Opal Rings with some cool music to entertain you!

 Unique Opal Jewelry

 When you Buy Opal Ring it will always be pleasing to look at because it has a variety of colors and many choices of shapes and styles. An Opal gemstone is looked upon as a treasure because of it's unique beauty. Before you buy an Opal you will want to know some of the history that goes with owning one
 Opal!Image by cobalt123 via Flickr
Opals are known as the friendship stone, and the rainbow stone. When you buy opals for someone it is a expression of your love for them. Opal stones come in many different varieties. Some are very delicate and have little color and some are bold and full of bright colors. When you look at it depending on the light you can see glowing flecks of different colors.

Opal jewelry is usually set in gold or silver and throughout history have been the most sought after gemstone by jewelry makers because of it's various shapes and color options. Opal jewelry appears in many different settings and are loved by many people around the world.

Sometimes Opals are used in engagement rings and wedding sets. Even though Diamond rings are the top choice for wedding rings and engagement rings, Opals are being incorporated more and more into the design of diamond wedding rings because people want to break tradition and like to have unique and different looking rings


I hope you enjoyed our article Unique Opal Jewelry?
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top Tips For Buying Opal Online

Welcome to my blog post "Top Tips For Buying Opal Online!"
I would like to share with you a video and article that I found online that covers this suject superbly!
Actually you could really use these tips for any type of online shopping!

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Part 1. Why the Internet is a valuable tool for buying jewelry

This is peter from the subject is ‘how to buy opals and opal jewelry online’ but this discussion could well be applied to anything we want to buy. Of course you can't replace the thrill of going to the supermarket with the crowds of people, the air conditioning, the lights, the window displays, the smell of coffee or hamburgers or whatever else you like to experience when shopping. However when it comes to decision making, it's nice to be able to think clearly, without the pressure of a sales assistant and crowds of people.
In the case of buying jewelry, you can really only take a look at one piece at at time with the help of the sales assistant, and if you are lucky enough to be in the store without too many other people, and the shopkeeper is not too high pressure, you might be able to make a satisfactory decision

The benefit of buying jewelry or in this case, opals online, is that you can just sit back and relax without pressure. Browse the different shops online. Analyse the different items for sales. Take a look at them from different angles. Compare one item with another to make a decision about what suits your personality and outfit the best. All this without feeling that you are under obligation.

Shopping on the internet means that you are in a totally relaxed environment. There is no pressure. You can ask all the questions you like. And you don’t have to feel under any obligation to buy unless you are satisfied. In the case of, You are talking direct with the owner and the opal cutter and designer. The best idea is to take a look through some jewelry books, or magazines, or at and see what appeals to you. Don’t miss part two of this segment where we will discuss how to identify the most reliable online stores. 
View the original article here How To Buy Opal Online 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post Top Tips For Buying Opals Online!
This is actually the first part to a series of 3 articles and videos.  If you want to see the rest of the article please click the link above and you will be directed straight there!
Have a great day and good luck with your online shopping and remember as Peter said in the video above look for the best service that you can possibly find!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Buy Opal Jewelry Online

If you are looking at buying opal online then I highly recommend that you use a reputable dealer such as OpalMine WWW.OPALMINE.COM
Below is piece from their website.  After reading through make sure you click the link to see the rest of the article and look at the range of Opal Jewelry they have online!


opal jewelry Opal JewelryThe Perfect Accessory for Any Occasion

Opal jewelry like rings, pendants, necklaces make ideal fashion accessories for any occasion. Opals are found around the inland areas of Australia. Opals are a part of the cultural history of these regions. Many of the old opal mines are not producing anymore.  Fields such as White Cliffs and Andamooka still have some coming out of the ground but not extensive.  In recent times Lightning Ridge has also not produced like it used to. We are all waiting for a new field to be found.
Opal broochImage by Olivander via Flickr

Gold is the most common medium used to set opals in most parts of the world. There is a lot of experimentation with different metals and opals set in silver with rhodium coating (to prevent tarnishing) are gaining popularity by the day. The high price of gold is stimulating this trend because silver is much more economical. Please note that the spelling of the word ‘jewelry’ varies between the USA and the UK, where it is spelt ‘jewellery.’   There is a lot of interesting information about the history of opals and ancient jewelry at this site. 
To read the rest of this Opal Jewelry Article please click the link now!

Photo above right:  A beautiful Opal Brooch
I hope you enjoyed the video above and clicked the link through to read the rest of the article!
OpalMine sure do have a fantastic range of Opal Jewelry!  Everything from rings to brooches and it could just be the next place to buy the perfect gift!
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mens Opal Rings For Sale!

Opal from Yowah, Queensland, Australia.Image via WikipediaMens Opal Rings For Sale! Do you have one yet?
If you are considering buying some opal they look just wonderful on your finger.
This style of ring also hold great value over time and can be handed down through the family and passed from generation to generation!

Mens Opal Rings

You can also view some beautiful opal below in video!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crystal Opal Video From Coober Pedy

Crystal Opal Video From Coober Pedy!  Watch the video from
Crystal Opal Coober Pedy - 2045 large crystal opal from Coober Pedy field featuring multiple colors flashing as the stone moves. Subtle delicate flashes of color

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Opal Rings For Sale

Three of them are bezel set as described previously but the one with the cluster setting of three small crystal opals from Coober Pedy in South Australia is set with claws instead of a bezel. This allows the light to amplify the crystal ...

Publish Date: 06/11/2011 17:00

Buy Black Boulder Opal

Buy Black Boulder Opal from

Black Boulder Opal - 1087 Black Boulder Opal from Winton Field featuring green blue color with undulating surface

Opal Mining At Lightning Ridge From

Opal Mining At Lightning Ridge
The Opal Industry Is Built on the Backs of these hard working Opal Miners in the Outback Of Australia.Opal cutters rely on rough opal from these fields to service the opal industry

Opal Mining At Lightning Ridge
Opal Mining at Lightning Ridge is over 100 years old now, since Charlie Nettleton dug the first holes back in 1902, the place has been peppered with diggings for miles around. A lot of heartbreak and at times not much opal, ...
Publish Date: 05/30/2011 17:00
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Wonderful Opal Jewelry

Just Wonderful Opal Jewelry! Big statement really!
But why not!
I truly believe that Opal Jewelry is the perfect gift.
Why? Because this type of gift can last a lifetime, and yes it can be handed down through the generations too!
So, just a thought, would this be better than maybe a top or a blouse as a gift?
If you would like to find out more about opals and purchasing opal jewelry please follow the link today

Opal Jewelry Opal Jewelry by Opal Mine Australia, natures wonder set in your piece of choice!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Goat Races At Lightning Ridge

Black Opal - Lightning Ridge, New South Wales-...Image via WikipediaGoat Races at Lightning Ridge!
Did you know that the Ridge is a major supplier of Opals worldwide!
Yes, hundreds come here, maybe thousand every year in the search of Opals.
But it can be very tiring work and yes some have found it very rewarding.
But what do they do for fun?
Goat Races is one!

Please watch this wonderful little video.
It really shows the flavour of the Great Australian outback!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Micro Mini Scooter Review

The Micro Mini Scooter Review
This toy has won many awards and is really safe, practicle and best of all fun!
Actually it's so stable that kids get instant confidence!

Find out all about the Micro scooters from our review here!
Micro Mini Scooter Review